A Partnership of European Entrepreneurs

Based in London, Paris, and Madrid, the partners own online media and technology companies. The partnership pools capital, know-how and a network of contacts. We have sales forces in three countries, and a strong technical development capability in Spain. We pool several hundred staff, hundreds of server racks, and substantial telecom and data-center facilities.

Mid-way between an angel investment club and corporate investment vehicle, we invest in, acquire or partner with online media and technology companies. Our aim is to exploit fully our existing portfolio of projects. Typically we joint venture by providing our technology to sales partners, or, taking technology to sell through our sales teams.

Our biggest investment has been €8 million, our smallest €30,000. We are interested in early stage investments in online service and technology niches with global potential.

Several of the partners have been members of IPO teams, and have extensive experience in managing the transition from small private to large public company. But we concentrate mostly on company creation rather than administration. We are specially interested in opportunities with local players in continental Europe and expanding reach of the company world-wide.

Some of our investments are

Search Engine, Directory, Portal

The only independently owned property in ACNielsen’s Spanish top ten internet list. Acquired in 2000 by Libertysurf S.A at $70m valuation. Currently a management buy-out from Tiscali since 2002. Aggregate traffic of over 15 million unique visitors per month.

Job search web site

Launched in 1998, it is holds the number two position in ACNielsen’s employment site list.

Financial information web site

Launched in 1997, it is the dominant message board and blogging site for investors.

Website hosting service

Launched in 1998, the service is a one-shop stop for all website hosting services. Galeon has in excess of 500,000 clients, and offers a complete upgrade path that starts with free webpage hosting and ends with high end virtual servers. galeonpro.com offers custom virtual servers with bespoke setups and applications suites. The larger corporations contract custom servers colocated at our datacenters.

Blogging service web site

Free blogging service. Launched in 2004, the service is centered around free and premimum wordpress hosting.

globedia.com globedia.com

Community Powered News Service
User Generated News Service. Launched end of 2009, quickly ranked top news destination site in Spain and South America. Both news content and editorial is generated by the community.

tu.tv   tu.tv
Free Video Hosting

free spanish video service
Launched in December 2006, now has over 1 million unique users a day. A top contender in the hispanic market. The company has a strong Sales Team based in Madrid providing brand advertising opportunities targeting a young demographic

Enclick New Media
New Media Properties and Services

Specialising in online information services.

Connecting your Home to your Cell Phone

A home security kit which reports directly, to your smartphone. Can also stream you the video from any. Wifi based, the kit is as easy to install as any in the market.

A home thermostat kit, that optimizes heating usage, and responds to commands from your smartphone.

Both kits are available, and are seeing good sales volume. Service & support teams are in place.

Online Sport Betting online sports betting

Covering events all over Europe, and sports from Football, cycling to waterpolo. We provide attractive odds, and easy modes of payment for all European countries.

Solar powered cloud remote IoT sensors geothings

Small, compact, lightweight, ultra-low power electronics uplink to the cloud, for over 200 compatible sensors. Geothings kits allow you to robustly instrument anything, anywhere, and monitor it from home, in real time.

Music Score Reader App

Offering musicians a pageless reading format in which the notes flow before their eyes as a scroll, in a continuous and synchronized manner, similar to a teleprompter.

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